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Peet's Coffee bag of beansWe supply a complete office coffee service and are an authorised distributor of Peet's Coffee and tea products.

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Healthy product selections

Healthy product selectionsHealthy selections are our speciality. For more information on healthy products click here.

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Green policyWe are striving to reduce our carbon footprint. For more information on our green policy click here.

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A Variety Of Snack Options

S.F. Vending Services variety of snack optionsAt S.F. Vending Service we are proud to offer both traditional snacking options such as chips and candy, as well as the more healthful choices. We make snack selection effortless with a survey before installation of your machines. Among your choices you’ll enjoy cookies, chips, soups and breakfast options. While stocking the machines, our route staff may speak with your employees about what they’d like to have on hand for their break time.

S.F. Vending Services candy snack optionsKeeping your employees refreshed and hydrated during the workday is easy with a beverage vending machine with choices they will enjoy. S.F. Vending Service’ offers vending machines with carbonated sodas, bottled waters, sparkling waters, assorted juices, blended fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and flavored milk choices. S.F. Vending Service provides you with traditional, subsidized, and free vending options for employers who want to provide affordable beverage choices.

Cold Refreshing Beverages

Refreshing cold beveragesRefreshing cold beverages
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