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Peet's Coffee bag of beansWe supply a complete office coffee service and are an authorised distributor of Peet's Coffee and tea products.

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Healthy product selectionsHealthy selections are our speciality. For more information on healthy products click here.

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S.F. Vending Service - Going Green

Green policyWe are striving to reduce our carbon footprint. For more information on our green policy click here.

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S.F. Vending Service green business
S.F. Vending Service green business

What is a “green business”?

A "green business” can be defined as an organization that uses renewable resources (environmentally sustainable) and holds itself accountable for the human resource aspect of their activities (socially responsible).

Being green requires developing an attitude toward sustainability and practices that can be incorporated into our everyday lives.  Being a green business means changing the way a business purchases, develops, produces, and provides products and services so it has a positive impact on the environment.

S.F. Vending Service green business

What are we doing to become a green business?

S.F. Vending Service has always acted in an environmentally friendly way even before “being Green” became a buzz word. We have always believed that social responsibility is right up there with making money and servicing the customer.

We are exploring different ways we can become even greener as a vending company but here is what we have been doing for several years.

  • Actively retrofiiting our vending machines to make them energy efficient
  • We have always recycled our cardboard
  • We are based in S.F near our customers reducing our drive time
  • Starting to install vending misers on our vending machines making them reduce power consumption by 46%
Vending Miser

Vending Miser

How it works
By monitoring both occupancy levels in the area around the vending machine and ambient temperate changes, the Vending Miser controller allows only enough power to keep the cooled product inside at the right temperature and have it ready to dispense when someone is in the vicinity, powering down costly heat generating lighting and denying compressor cycles to run when they are simply not required.

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